Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shipley's at the Pier - 42 Mt Major HWY, Alton Bay, New Hampshire 03810

It's doesn't get much better than this for summertime lunch...a lake, tables on a pier, and a strong contender for best lobstah roll ever.  This is a roll unlike any I've seen before, two giant uncut pieces of lobster claw, lightly coated with mayo and nestled down in a soft round bun.  If you like lobsta - er, sorry - lobster, you will never want to eat your lobster roll any other way.  No chives to interrupt the lobster taste, no overload of mayo to mask the texture, just pure lobster claw luxury.  The great thing about Shipley's is they seem to have mastered the art of culinary restraint and know when to let ingredients stand on their own, even the slaw is spared the all too common dressing drowning. A must for lobster lovers.  Get there.  Now.

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